bacon cheeseburger grilled cheese

Bacon Cheeseburger Grilled Cheese

en 18-05-2017 14:39:06
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18-05-2017 14:38:38

Full recipe:

Lars Bech Nielsen
18-05-2017 20:51:26

Why drain the bacon grease if you throw butter on it anyways?!

Courtney Parker
18-05-2017 18:54:04

umm that look like a pancake lol with bunch of bacon and cheese on it haha

Adam Robinson
19-05-2017 08:10:39

Did you just wipe the bacon fat out of the pan before cooking the burger? Then wiped the burger fat out of the pan before adding butter in again? You make me sick

Tracie Short
18-05-2017 17:54:11

Delicious, no doubt. But I can hear my arteries slamming shut just watching. Waaaaay too much fat and calories for my taste.

Eric White
18-05-2017 14:45:22

It's a cheeseburger with bacon. All you do is cook it with the bun o god it's real hard

Gauthier Gueho-Portaz
18-05-2017 16:14:23

Flipping the bun doesn't make this thing a grilled cheese, it's just a disgusting looking bacon cheeseburger

Ben Thorpe
19-05-2017 22:36:24

Frankie Lee Villard baby what the fuck is going on with the lovely looking food posts today🤤🤤

Michael Bolton
18-05-2017 18:15:42

I love watching these cooking videos, but does this guy get paid by the cheese industry as I've never seen him cook anything without cheese.

Kelly Magill
19-05-2017 01:27:23

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Alexandra Rossé
18-05-2017 20:23:38

Bonne nuit mon amoureux meme si tu ronfles déjà Benoit

Brooklynn Fournier
18-05-2017 18:33:54

Omg for our liquor and cheeseburger party hahahaha Blake Yuskow

Sander Bos
18-05-2017 16:07:48

Max, René, Iris Upping the tosti-burger game.

Kev BearFoot Mason
19-05-2017 02:59:11

What a load of shit, you made a burger with the top bun lip flipped over. Even if I ate bread I wouldn't bother with this.

Louise Green
18-05-2017 17:19:52

Steph Tannerjust for you to feel hungry on your break lol 😂

Léa Kneip
18-05-2017 16:21:22

Pourquoi manger du fromage quand on peut empiler des tranches de plastiques? :D Mégane

Marnix Manuel
22-05-2017 11:45:57

Tom Jipping wij moeten ook weer een keer hamburgers maken

Carolina Ruiz
19-05-2017 01:05:45

Daniel Peña y yo porque no me estoy comiendo eso? Jajaja <3

Lars Jensen
18-05-2017 14:44:15

Frederikke Jensen en skam du ikke kan lide ost og bacon :)

Gordon Veniard
19-05-2017 07:20:52

Managed to make a cheesburger seem less attractive - now that's a genuine talent!

Carlos Sisa
19-05-2017 05:22:34

Carlitos LiuzziMAN POR FSVOR!!! Sin la manteca y está todo pdrfecot

Chatt S Stoobey
18-05-2017 14:45:27

That's bacons overdone....and the shitty type of bacon but other than it looks good

Michael Qvesehl
18-05-2017 15:32:32

Pia Røntved Qvesehl det må være noget for dig. Der kvæles man da næsten i ost. 😊

Mitzi Moore
18-05-2017 22:20:56

Steve Ruiz let's try makin this deliciousness sometime..yum!

Gemma Louise
20-05-2017 18:13:01

Sarah Kingham and this one! (Maybe not in the same day!!) 🤣

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