banana blender brownies

Banana Blender Brownies

en 16-05-2017 17:03:00
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16-05-2017 13:29:18

Full recipe:

Ross Naan Chapell
17-05-2017 13:08:16

Charlotte Chapell I'm pretty sure me and Max Collings-Wells would truly appreciate if you made these for us when we finish out shift on Saturday :)

Kara Lane
16-05-2017 17:14:24

James Caleb Fletcher bananas and brownies! We can leave out the caramel

Louise Marie
16-05-2017 22:46:05

This would make you love bananas!! brownies!! Bethany Connell

Samantha Cook
16-05-2017 18:57:09

Laura Dickie do what nature intended and get in that bloody kitchen!!! I love your brownies 😍😘😘

Terry Rust
16-05-2017 19:04:12

Nina Rust I bet our kids would still try to pick out the fruit. Lol

Amelie Savard
21-05-2017 19:47:43

Maryse Lespérance et hop ! Deux bananes en moins haha :p

Wendy Thain
16-05-2017 21:54:12

Next time your looking for something to bake Pam miss out the dark chocolate and am er 😂😂😍x

Nicky Coull
16-05-2017 17:28:14

Elliot Priddice wow we need to make these this weekend except white chocolate instead of dark 😍👍👌

Alex Turl
17-05-2017 09:38:25

Paula Torii can you make this for your house warming on Sunday?

Taylor Murray
16-05-2017 17:44:39

Billy Bigbaws Awww if only you had a blender and bananas

Jesper Kildemand
16-05-2017 17:09:26

Ruben Høgh Harald Tørning Svendsen Skal vi lave denne her næste gang vi laver en blender-kage?? :)

Linda Heeren-Pol
05-06-2017 20:33:46

Marla en Manja dit ziet er errug lekker (en simpel) uit! Mét gezouten caramel!!!!

Jaquie Bennett
17-05-2017 15:11:21

Courtney Robinson so do the bananas & dark chocolate make it healthy? 🐮 🙃

Lauren Mackenzie
17-05-2017 15:21:32

Sophie hi can u come back so we can get this from zizis pls and thx xo

Micaela Šehović
18-05-2017 17:03:55

Cristina Qiu se sei qua questo weekend facciamo queste cose, un po' di felicità

Marissa Boers
07-06-2017 19:41:28

Roy je kan ook brownies van die smerige bananen maken!

Mick Mannion
17-05-2017 13:02:18

Aoife O Carroll will you make me this at the weekend please and thanks 🙈

Melissa Tabakovic
16-05-2017 22:28:05

Oh Leanne Roberts looks amazing an it has a banana in it ;)

Sophia Chipman
17-05-2017 09:14:35

Jackie Whittle can you make these please but without the dark chocolate on top 😍

Lesley Lawson
16-05-2017 18:58:41

Amy. Only one or two things to wash up! Xx

Marianne Vadmand Larsen
17-05-2017 09:10:35

Eller den her er måske sundere - der er trods alt 🍌🍌🍌 i HelHelle Poulsen TitTitti Johansen

Ahmed Maher
16-05-2017 19:29:26

افضلى انتى بس اعملى اعجاب للحاجات دى ومبنشوفش حاجة على ارض الواقع عاوزين نعدى مرحلة الفرجة دى بقى لمرحلة الاكل

Cherry Gorman
16-05-2017 17:53:34

Tanith Reed reminded me of our conversations at lunch 🤤🤤🤤🍪🍦

Natalie Hunt
17-05-2017 08:27:03

What do you think for Dan and Kate's this weekend? Ben

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