bánh mì dogs

Bánh Mì Dogs

en 17-05-2017 17:05:59
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17-05-2017 17:08:35

Full recipe: http://bit.ly/2pUMeAB

Lydia Carmen Williamson
17-05-2017 18:04:48

Why even put it to fucking music if you're always going to use the same song?

Anh Nghiem
17-05-2017 17:37:18

Barbara Pham what's wrong with the traditional mystery meat >:/

Jod Grace
17-05-2017 21:25:25

Katie Knight Jake Scrobez hungover vietnam baguettes 😍😍😍😍😍😍 YES.

Harry Thompson
18-05-2017 07:24:00

Annika - just like pork buns, but with your favourite food on this planet! Chris Kingsbury

Carolina Ovalle
18-05-2017 02:55:22

Juan Camilo Diaz Garcia tus chorisitos en un sandwich asi, se me hace agua la boca pronto pronto te compraré :) :) :)

Thư Sunshine
18-05-2017 05:42:10

I'm Vietnamese and find this recipe pretty legit for a Saigon bánh mì 😂🥖

Sarah van den Bos
18-05-2017 20:32:34

Fabienne Tanno Marjon moet nog net niet kotsen wtf is dit voor combi

Kai Gaines
18-05-2017 11:06:19

Shahrzad Mda can we have these tonight instead of pasta 😝

Jonathan Smuts
18-05-2017 11:30:26

Shannon Smuts probably won't tickle your taste buds but looks really good

Jack Michael
17-05-2017 17:35:32

what the fuck is going on at the start of this video Aysa

Georgie Wood
17-05-2017 17:17:43

Zachary Gillett this is what nam song sell but better

Thu Nhiên
17-05-2017 23:17:01

- Bánh mì dogs ?? ._. Hi sao lại là Tiếng việt ? ._.

FoxEats Apples
17-05-2017 17:11:50

"Bánh mì dogs" 😂😂😂😂

Dustin Köning
18-05-2017 10:12:04

Immi - könnten wir mal machen ;)

Erik Desjardins
17-05-2017 18:54:41


Danielle Louise
17-05-2017 18:19:32

Alex Jones your very own Destination Roll??

Robbie Atkinson
17-05-2017 23:03:58

Kyle Duncan will make these next week... Bring cans

Nichol Pulido
18-05-2017 10:51:15

Made me think about you Sabrina Tawney

Lesley Pol
18-05-2017 05:23:09

Han Bosman VIETNAM♥️. Bahn mi!!

Gab Sageros
17-05-2017 17:09:11

Marie-France Forest envoi sa comme recette a ta boss lolll

Lois Maples
18-05-2017 05:55:47

Kai Lee dinner party idea?!

Hoang Ann Katarina
17-05-2017 17:34:29

Paulin Zora denna kan du göra ;)

Sirgue Kriz
17-05-2017 22:37:13

Ajeet Khatker should we go get some more banh mi?

Keeley Jervis
17-05-2017 23:52:13

Lisa yummm!

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