bánh mì dogs

Bánh Mì Dogs

en 17-05-2017 17:05:59
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17-05-2017 17:08:35

Full recipe: http://bit.ly/2pUMeAB

Alan Moraga
21-08-2017 05:37:38

Why don't you tale the extra 20 seconds to mention all the ingredients? Not just the main ones! Not everybody knows the name if the sauce at the end of this video that's used

Lydia Carmen Williamson
17-05-2017 18:04:48

Why even put it to fucking music if you're always going to use the same song?

Anh Nghiem
17-05-2017 17:37:18

Barbara Pham what's wrong with the traditional mystery meat >:/

Jod Grace
17-05-2017 21:25:25

Katie Knight Jake Scrobez hungover vietnam baguettes 😍😍😍😍😍😍 YES.

Harry Thompson
18-05-2017 07:24:00

Annika - just like pork buns, but with your favourite food on this planet! Chris Kingsbury

Carolina Ovalle
18-05-2017 02:55:22

Juan Camilo Diaz Garcia tus chorisitos en un sandwich asi, se me hace agua la boca pronto pronto te compraré :) :) :)

Thư Sunshine
18-05-2017 05:42:10

I'm Vietnamese and find this recipe pretty legit for a Saigon bánh mì 😂🥖

Sarah van den Bos
18-05-2017 20:32:34

Fabienne Tanno Marjon moet nog net niet kotsen wtf is dit voor combi

Kai Gaines
18-05-2017 11:06:19

Shahrzad Mda can we have these tonight instead of pasta 😝

Jonathan Smuts
18-05-2017 11:30:26

Shannon Smuts probably won't tickle your taste buds but looks really good

Jack Michael
17-05-2017 17:35:32

what the fuck is going on at the start of this video Aysa

Georgie Wood
17-05-2017 17:17:43

Zachary Gillett this is what nam song sell but better

Thu Nhiên
17-05-2017 23:17:01

- Bánh mì dogs ?? ._. Hi sao lại là Tiếng việt ? ._.

An Thiên
17-05-2017 17:11:50

"Bánh mì dogs" 😂😂😂😂

Dustin Köning
18-05-2017 10:12:04

Immi - könnten wir mal machen ;)

Erik Desjardins
17-05-2017 18:54:41


Robbie Atkinson
17-05-2017 23:03:58

Kyle Duncan will make these next week... Bring cans

Danielle Louise
17-05-2017 18:19:32

Alex Jones your very own Destination Roll??

Nichol Pulido
18-05-2017 10:51:15

Made me think about you Sabrina Tawney

Lesley Pol
18-05-2017 05:23:09

Han Bosman VIETNAM♥️. Bahn mi!!

Gab Sageros
17-05-2017 17:09:11

Marie-France Forest envoi sa comme recette a ta boss lolll

Lois Maples
18-05-2017 05:55:47

Kai Lee dinner party idea?!

Hoang Ann Katarina
17-05-2017 17:34:29

Paulin Zora denna kan du göra ;)

Sirgue Kriz
17-05-2017 22:37:13

Ajeet Khatker should we go get some more banh mi?

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