family breakfast crunchwrap

Family Breakfast Crunchwrap

en 15-05-2017 14:07:14
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15-05-2017 09:24:17

Full recipe:

Scarlett Butters
15-05-2017 18:41:35

HOW can you justify the promotion and the sheer gluttony of eating a 'food' that is grown from and nurtured only by fear and complete mistreatment. To ignore mass consumption and mass industrialisation of farming is 'twisted'. Consider please what you are being brainwashed into consuming from supermarkets, a gleeming plastic wrapped package that doesn't tell you of the grinding up of male chicks, the burning and brutal cutting of calves horns from their heads, extreme dehydration of pigs.. etc etc..

Kayleigh Marsden
15-05-2017 18:17:52

Carly Brown 🤤 need this for breakfast like errrday!! Don't know who they're kidding with family size though... that's a personal snack

Cecelia Derry
16-05-2017 11:07:57 that all you guys eat?? CHEESE for breakfast, cheese on cheese, more cheese and dinner with lashings of vile plasticky greasy CHEESE!!!

Sharon Kemp
20-05-2017 14:24:56

So many negative remarks. It may not be the healthiest but It actually looks delicious. If your NOT a fan of this kind of food...move on to the vegetable and fruit aisle instead of making mean remarks.

Claire Miller
15-05-2017 18:17:16

OMG Dave Miller Zoe Miller we should have something like this for brekkie after casino night... I'm thinking more like one each though, we couldn't split this between 4 of us!! x

Kevin Chimi
16-05-2017 13:28:13

How to get views out of them vids cs i want to make a vid about how to put water in a glass, and thn see if you would even get critics that i've used 4 example no waterglass but a wine glass. Or that the water comes from a corrupt company that faked the ingrédients of water and instead made unsaturated pork fat out of it or something.

Julie Levin
16-05-2017 22:32:01

Hi Twisted! Just sent you a message but trying to get in touch with you on this video to see if we can use it on out tv show/website "Right This Minute." Let me know! Thanks.

Domanik Sabrus
16-05-2017 01:23:01

Not hash browns, mush browns :\ Put a layer of halved sausages or something and have the hashbrowns separate you heathens :p

Pantelis Georgiou
15-05-2017 18:15:31

Next time u buy those ready made wraps please check the ingredients, I think those things can be on the shelf for a few years and they will be exactly the same as day one 🤗 it must probably be one of the best preservatives in the market out there! I always notice how people always check the great toppings and focus on all the good stuff in there but they forget the shit it's wrapped in 🤔now if u can make the wraps or get some wrap that's homemade different story ..

Anne-Marie Harley
15-05-2017 17:31:56

Natalie Stanley Dunno what Tony and the kids are having but next time you camp out can we have this for breakfast please. I'll wash the pan x

Ben Hewitt
15-05-2017 16:26:11

Sam - you might like this. It looks a bit like the sort of grievous mess you regularly send yourself into, probably with an unreasonable volume of mayonnaise.

Alexandra Burton
15-05-2017 15:42:14

Shayy Yam every time I see some outrageous breakfast food I think of you 💕but also feel like SSandra Wrightwould appreciate this

Hayley Towns
17-05-2017 18:45:09

Leon Towns Can we try this with a bit less cheese and maybe substitute the egg for black pudding and sausages? 😄

Kieren Edworthy
19-05-2017 02:38:39

Layne Ison Fabio FennamoreAngus PedenElise Thornthwaite @everyone , introducing, the meaning of love and compassion in this cruel world

Luisa Münster
15-05-2017 20:00:38

Andre nimm den Wrap doch nächstes Mal mit an die Arbeit. Dann hast du auch nicht so schnell wieder Hunger 🌯

Francesco Zanel
16-05-2017 15:45:37

I'm trying to understand why this thing is considered acceptable and the things that guys cook in Epic Meal Time are considered excessive....

Samantha Markell
15-05-2017 17:53:02

Stop calling them crunch wraps!!! if you don't use a hard shell also is is not a crunch wrap. It is a soft tortilla not a crunchy one.... Crunch wraps have both hard and soft shells.

Andrew George
17-05-2017 19:41:45

I still can't believe Donna Barnett is making this for me, Esther Damary-George and Benjamin Ashbridge this weekend! What a legend!

Ryan Alexander Scott
17-05-2017 18:51:04

If u eat this type of shit for breakfast, I'm sorry to say, but you have diabetes or are American. So regardless lose - lose

Rb-breather Karl Karlsson
15-05-2017 15:34:51

Jesper Eriksson istället för att "ropa" på Sandra ,ta o laga mat rätten o överraska henne istället. Alla kan laga mat,vilja motivation o smula fantasi .

Anna Spanna Cole
15-05-2017 15:25:32

as a student, i super cant afford to use to many tortilla wraps for one meal when they could all be burritos

Adam Thompson
15-05-2017 14:20:41

Chris McBeth holy shit this is a game changer for a hungover Saturday

Olivia-Ella Rosser
15-05-2017 21:03:14

Jake Green this looks so good but without scrambled egg😷

Emily Ketteringham
17-05-2017 20:41:25

Beth why didn't you make us this on Saturday morning hosting points are being deducted Isabel Leonna

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