family breakfast crunchwrap

Family Breakfast Crunchwrap

en 15-05-2017 14:07:14
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15-05-2017 09:24:17

Full recipe:

Sharon Kemp
20-05-2017 14:24:56

So many negative remarks. It may not be the healthiest but It actually looks delicious. If your NOT a fan of this kind of food...move on to the vegetable and fruit aisle instead of making mean remarks.

Kayleigh Marsden
15-05-2017 18:17:52

Carly Brown 🤤 need this for breakfast like errrday!! Don't know who they're kidding with family size though... that's a personal snack

Ellen de Jager dit wil ik een keer maken

Matt Shemshedini
05-06-2017 14:38:04

God every one of these videos ends with them cutting into the fucking food and melted cheese being pulled apart. I don't give af about your damn melted cheese. It doesn't make your food good just becuase there is fucking melted cheese.

Derrick DeMann
02-06-2017 19:15:27

That's what I'm talking about! Not sure why they put "Family" breakfast crunch wrap though....looks like it would fit nicely on my plate.🤤🤤🤤

Emma Aleksandersen
21-08-2017 20:02:32

Julie Mæland ønsker meg sånn til frokost i måro, kl 09:30 passer fint 😌

Brandon Anctil
09-08-2017 20:48:32

Brandon Morier faut faire sa un moment donner 😍

Dee Swift
31-08-2017 11:01:07

Jamie Kingaby you could do this Saturday morning for us all!

Tony Salazar
03-08-2017 02:31:34

Yareli why does this look so good

Kim Pitts
02-08-2017 15:01:00

Tony Debruijn Laurence Pitts i think this could be a good breakfast!😅

Daniel Harkins
30-08-2017 07:03:43

Kirsty Harkins can you cook this for me and Benjamin David Saunders Saturday please?

Aimee Rose Ball
02-08-2017 09:58:49

Ill do this for you one day Tom Ball

Eddie Jenigen
11-08-2017 02:45:07

Dan Tomlinson you could eat this by yourself

Kelly Marie Jackson
18-08-2017 17:58:58

Emma Yarnall next time your up!!!!!

Alvaro Suarez
07-08-2017 19:05:50

Camila Ceja tengo hambre brother

Jenna Moore
01-08-2017 14:36:20

Gemma Walker how lush does this look 😋

Ian Blake
04-08-2017 21:07:52

Daniela Silva lemme make this for you

Claire Miller
15-05-2017 18:17:16

OMG Dave Miller Zoe Miller we should have something like this for brekkie after casino night... I'm thinking more like one each though, we couldn't split this between 4 of us!! x

Kevin Chimi
16-05-2017 13:28:13

How to get views out of them vids cs i want to make a vid about how to put water in a glass, and thn see if you would even get critics that i've used 4 example no waterglass but a wine glass. Or that the water comes from a corrupt company that faked the ingrédients of water and instead made unsaturated pork fat out of it or something.

Kevin Mangels
08-08-2017 13:42:13

Amy Gab Joe shoulda done this in wildwood

Stefanight Vandenbossche
28-08-2017 15:05:36

Eléonore Calicis Laura Lccq Arnaud Husson on se fait ce petit dej ? (arno je te taggue juste parce que c'est toi qui le fera, te sent pas trop dans la famille)

Aleja Carvajal
09-08-2017 22:24:29

Jenni Gilberto Manuel hagamos un día de cafeeeeeeeee se ve demasiado rico 😬😬😬

Sobeyda Serrano
21-08-2017 03:19:36

amoooor Luis mira eso😍

Lokalia Hawks
02-06-2017 05:08:56

Joe AlvarezSylvia Alvarez you guys should totally make this for Angelica on Sunday... I think she would love it... if not, I mean, I would eat it. Don't want it to go to waste! Haha

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