full english french toast

Full English French Toast

en 19-05-2017 15:16:36
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Rowenna Easton
19-05-2017 15:18:41

But you won't get an equal mouthful of everything in one bite 🤔

Ashley Belding
20-05-2017 00:31:38

Looked alright until they dipped it in that big bowl of ketchup.

Hayley Prenter
20-05-2017 10:31:52

Katie Cheshire we could have gotten a bit more creative like this then just frying plain bread for an after school snack

Nick Whear
19-05-2017 16:45:18

Death by Twisted...get your strokes and cardiac events here....

Daisy Osburn
31-05-2017 15:24:48

I love the idea but for me my type of breakfast id do a scarmbeld egg pepper jack and Italian sausage pocket, and dinner a take on grilled cheese put the the cheese in the middle and vuala grilled stuffed pocket with tomato soup 🍞🍳💖💓💞💗💕

Gregory Hughes
19-05-2017 16:17:41

I'd leave the mushroom and tomato in there just so I can throw them out

Lianne Machin
19-05-2017 23:00:41

Saf Hussain you life French toast, does this but the halal version 👍🏼

Ann Kennedy
19-05-2017 19:08:44

Ross Kennedy this could be even better than the bacon stuffed one 😋 😘

Mischa Cooke
20-05-2017 09:36:34

Damaris Micole Manu tmw hungover breakfast.....?

Steve Townsley
19-05-2017 17:18:28

Too messy. A traditional full English every time. Why mess with perfection??

Chloe Tebbutt
20-05-2017 13:48:48

Beth Malcolm imagine what the angry tumblr French toast mob would have to say about this

Janessa Sundin Halstrom
19-05-2017 20:20:58

Jesse Halstrom ew, when i saw this i thought it would be breakfast french toast... i thought itd have cream cheese in the middle

Max Amrhein
30-05-2017 11:48:07

Sarah das mache ich dir zum Frühstück wenn ich es nicht vergesse nur ohne Pilze *-*

Renee Louise
20-05-2017 12:08:13

Bo this would be nice with just the bacon🤔

David Barrow
19-05-2017 15:19:17

I'm just waiting for the "full recipe" bit. So retarded this page

Megan Guiney
19-05-2017 18:05:23

Amanda Collins this without the tomato wud be unreal

Rommii Gardner
19-05-2017 22:32:11

This seems like such hard work when you could just…. have French toast and have the others on the side…....

Mason Bramwell
19-05-2017 22:09:10

James RossJess Cooper can only dream of this at the min

Savannah Lloyd
20-05-2017 13:12:42

Corinnedoesn't Annie request French toast? 😬😬

Curtis Morris
21-05-2017 13:42:26

As soon as a video starts with cutting the crust off dollar store bread i'm out.. 🙄

Hazel Hunter
19-05-2017 16:43:45

Steven Hunter minus the sausage and cheese on it x

Wayne Taylor
22-05-2017 12:35:37

David Blundell mate eggy bread but with a full english inside 😳

Eilidh Jayne McDonald
21-05-2017 18:43:41

Alanna-Jane Iwute, could replace the mushrooms in mine and tomatoes with other stuff 😍xxxxxxxxx

Stephanie Kearsley
20-05-2017 05:30:28

Travis Kearsley I want this at 6am , minus the mushroom and Tom lol

Amanda Lang
05-06-2017 08:21:31

So many good recipes on here that get ruined with the ketchup dip at the end jeesh!!

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