it's not ????????? it's mine.

It's not ????????? it's mine.

en 19-05-2017 10:23:43
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Leanne O'Connor
19-05-2017 10:27:27

😷. . Y do people do this bacon is not ment to be with sweet stuff. . Vomit. .

Barbara Cook
19-05-2017 10:31:53

I think leave out cinnamon and vanilla then its yummy

Graeme Donald
20-05-2017 21:48:14

Miss out the sweet shit and keep it savoury. Just egg. Known as eggy loaf in scotland. No bacon inside either. Serve it on the side with fried egg. Bacon. Black pudding. Beans.tattie scones, mushrooms, tomatoes. Sausages

Sarah Kate Lamming
19-05-2017 13:52:29

I think the difference is between the U.K. And America, as in the U.K. We would consider French toast savoury, not sweet... no syrup on bacon over here!!

Kathy O'Connor
20-05-2017 01:02:25

If you like Bacon this may be for you. I do not like loads of Maple syrup on anything, even if it is 100% Canadian Maple syrup.

Leighton Ryan Williams
19-05-2017 11:02:44

Why do you have to show something like this, I love some French toast and I love some bacon, combined just makes me want to try it myself.

Marlene Mountain
19-05-2017 11:02:20

I don't care if it is Twisted , it looks delicious .But we have always known it as Eggy Bread .

Ryan Mccaskie
20-05-2017 07:03:21

Wonder would Isaac eat his eggy bread like this Jacqui Smith

Susanna Lilia
20-05-2017 12:05:49

Kevin Gestern noch darüber gesprochen es mit bacon zu machen 😍😍😍 Süße Variante plus Ahorn! FML

Bonnie Ferguson
19-05-2017 10:46:55

Sam Baker ill make this for breakfast or a late night snack some time xx

Vicky Russell
19-05-2017 20:13:32

Mark.. never been so offended in my life.. dirty b*stards !! 😂😂

Jane Nellis
24-05-2017 20:08:48

Was looking good till cinnamon and vanilla added, then syrup.....not for me, still taste is a personal choice

Kirsten Nash
19-05-2017 11:33:28

Chris Lindsay this was the thing I was talking about the other night

Tom Halsall
19-05-2017 16:19:50

Looks like it needs some cheese, everything tastes better with cheese

Jacqueline Anne
19-05-2017 12:55:05

Moo cinnamon or vanilla eggs salt n pepper only is how I do mine n it's amazing, filled with bacon cheese n onion. Mmm

John Wilson
19-05-2017 16:40:53

Beau Stombaugh, looks like we're going to have to step that French Toast game up.

Caroline Sherrard
19-05-2017 16:15:43

Nicola Young Tirzah White Orla Megarry after us talking about this last Sunday you might like this!

Caroline Bassett
19-05-2017 10:36:34

Lordy Vortex reckon Buzz could whip this up for a hangover breakfast! Or just for breakfast ...

Aislingh Perrin
19-05-2017 12:02:32

This monster just popped up on my timeline again Tom Cafferty 😂🙈😷

Juli Morgan-Russell
19-05-2017 14:59:17

Please, Twisted, stop putting these on FB ... so bad and yet soooo good!

Billie Mae Sanderson
19-05-2017 12:01:23

Are these recipes just 'fit as many calories as possible' into one meal?

Cornelia Datcu
19-05-2017 13:39:51

The best mixt ! Just try and u will have it every morning for sure .

Hannah Anderson
20-05-2017 08:47:58

I'm sorry I should have made these for breakfast Gemma Anderson and Rachel Anderson

Amy Sznicer
19-05-2017 10:26:20

Megan Gilchrist omg when the day comes to have a cheat meal this may have to be it 😝😝😝😝😝

Niamh Campbell
19-05-2017 14:12:09

Luke Hodgkins breakfast in the morning?? Minus the syrup 😷

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