juicy lucy taco burger

Juicy Lucy Taco Burger

en 17-05-2017 14:23:46
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16-05-2017 17:06:43

Full recipe: http://bit.ly/2pRxNgA

Otto Conde Jr.
18-05-2017 02:17:40

How is this even a "taco" burger? All you did was put cheese, guacamole, salsa

Claire Hurley
17-05-2017 16:44:05

Gabi Juillet the glob of sauce that falls at the end stresses me out so much

Vicky Russell
18-05-2017 05:48:23

Mark the burger is not placed in the middle of the bap.. can you tell me what happens after as my eyes were watering.. xxx

Catherine Riozzi
17-05-2017 15:49:53

Thomas Mcgregor it's so frustrating watching that big clump of dip fall off xxxx

Louise Hagri
17-05-2017 15:09:29

Jordan Rainbow but without all the extra shit on, just replace that with halloumi and mozzerella

Sal S Salinas
17-05-2017 20:36:20

I want to see the mouth of the guy that bit into that... LOL I bet he's got 2nd-degree burns on every inch of the inside of his mouth! ;)

Ali Raven
17-05-2017 21:26:24

Omg Mark Steve is this going on the list??

Farideh Clifford
17-05-2017 16:17:40

Or if the burger isn't cooked enough finish off in the oven for a few mins..... save raw burgers for first time or 298th time cooks 😜

Mark Simmons
17-05-2017 20:04:51

Ashley Oren everything but the toppings ha ha and wrapped in bacon

Miguel Martinez
17-05-2017 19:22:13

Katelyn Felch lol this is burger I told you I tried to make and made my sister sick lol

James Beverley
17-05-2017 17:30:48

Carl Isaacs I thought you would prefer a nice blue Stilton to anything red...

Adam Jordan
17-05-2017 17:45:26

Maria make this tonight please I have not felt well today

Sofiane El Aachouri
24-05-2017 16:35:02

Es ce que la cuisto Célia gonzales serai-elle capable de faire ça?

Kiara Kiki Hanlon
17-05-2017 14:30:06

Jay Jay watcha think of that burger 🍔 without the weird stuff obviously 😅

Júlia Rondinelli
18-05-2017 04:49:22

Amor, não é difícil e a gente pode tirar as coisas que vc não gosta Thomás Lisboa

Pasher Prazsky
17-05-2017 18:29:50

Ashley Rebecca Dobbie fancy cooking me and the boys some of these if I buy ingredients 😅😍

Zsofia Berta
17-05-2017 14:40:21

Looks good!only thing i would use a bigger bun maybe!

JJ Louis
18-05-2017 00:11:41

Kirsty 😱 I would have licked the table up first....

Alexander Richter
17-05-2017 23:41:19

Ildikó Fedasz there we can make it by ourselves 😂 we don't have to go to that bar again to eat the juicy Lucy burger 😂

Janette Tiong
17-05-2017 14:49:36

How do u taste. The cheese. With so much over the top Toppings , 😱🤔🤢😱👎

Rebecca Summerfield
17-05-2017 17:03:22

Is this the kind of thing that you'd dream of on your birthday Richard?

Greg Mendes
18-05-2017 00:55:25

How's this for a Burger? I've made stuffed burgers before but this is awesome babe! Stacy

Cille Dorthea Føhns
30-07-2017 13:25:15

Mike Søgaard

Edin Citaku
17-05-2017 16:36:12

Arijeta Citaku für dich geschaffen(Nur ohne Salat, Soße mit stückchen und Avocado)

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